General Information


University Hospital of Modena Center
Via del Pozzo 71, 41100 Modena – Italy



Daniele Marchioni

ENT Clinic Director
University Hospital of Modena
Modena – Italy

Livio Presutti

ENT Clinic Director
University Hospital of Bologna
Bologna – Italy


Course Organizers

Via Portanuova 3 – 33100 Udine
Tel. 0432 21391 – Fax 0432 506687
Piazza di Pietra 63 – 00186 Roma
Tel. 06 68807925 – Fax 06 68212211



For registration, please use the online registration form available on

Registration fees (22% VAT included)


Early fee
until 28th February 2024

Late fee
from 28th February 2024


€ 600,00

€ 800,00

Residents or Students*

€ 300,00

€ 400,00


* To qualify for this rate, send by e-mail (to proof of your full-time resident status (letter from your supervisor or department head stating you are attending a postgraduate medical training).

The registration fees entitle to scientific sessions, conference kit and certificate of attendance.
Complimentary events for attendees regularly registered:

Working lunches on 8th May, 9th May, 10th May 2024;
Social Dinner on 9th May 2024

Cancellations made in writing and received by the Course Organizers before
10th April 2024 will be eligible for a 50% refund.
Cancellations received after such date will not be eligible for refund.