Call For Abstracts

Participants will have the opportunity to actively participate in the program through the presentation of scientifi c contributions in the form of Papers or Videos during the Young Otology Sessions.

Papers and Videos may deal with the following topics:

Endoscopic Ear Surgery

Microscopic and Cochlear Implant Surgery

Lateral Skull Base Surgery

Scary cases will be presented during the SPECIAL EVENTS and they will only be related to Otology cases.

Each participant can send and present up to one Abstract for each topic category.

Time allotted for presentations is 8 minutes long, with 2 additional minutes dedicated to questions.

The Abstract must be sent to the Scientifi c Committee for consideration.

Each Abstract must be produced using Word (Microsoft) software and it should be made up of a Rationale, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions. The text must not exceed 3000 digits (spaces included), no tables or charts can be included, and the authors should avoid abbreviations (unless previously explained or self-explanatory).

Abstracts must be received by the 15th of March 2024, at the following address:

The Scientifi c Committee reserves the right to evaluate the received abstracts and accept or reject them for presentation.

Authors are required to verify the integrity and correctness of the transmitted data, as the organization will not carry out any editing on the received material.

Course Organizers will notify acceptance or rejection by email within the 1st of April 2024.